Traditional Holistic Postpartum Medicine


we Welcome Her, Honour Her, Nourish, Nurture, Close and Celebrate Her with Teas, Soaks, Steams, Scrubs, Bathing, Binding, Closing, Bonding, Nourishment, Celebration & Blessing Ways

In Morocco the New Mother (NAFSA) is considered to have BARAKA (blessings) so we must honour her with Traditional Wise Woman Postpartum Medicine and Care. Since she is vulnerable emotionally, physically and spiritually, she gets all the love and support she needs.

Postpartum Midwifery Services

Traditional Moroccan Postpartum Healing*

  • hamam (herbal bath)
  • womb steam
  • belly binding
  • closing of bones ceremony
  • postpartum massage
  • *traditionally the new mother receives the Moroccan Postpartum Spa Package several times within the first 2-4 weeks ...MORE INFO

    Blessing Ways

  • birth story care
  • new mother honouring rituals
  • 40 days Baby Blessing
  • 9 month Baby Celebration
  • More

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