Holistic Postpartum Planning with Malika Rani

Women shouldn’t be left alone after birth to piecemeal together support in the throws of exhaustion and overwhelm, no matter how ideal their birth.
Mama deserves to be given the chance to rest and not worry about anything other than herself and her baby for at least 40 days.
Work with Malika Rani and a group of like-minded mamas to create a Holistic Postpartum Plan so that you fully heal and thrive postpartum.

Design your Holistic Postpartum Plan

Circle for Pregnant Mamas preparing to fully heal and thrive!

Circle for Postpartum Mamas throwing care together to ensure thriving!

Private Consulting ~ Design Your Holistic Postpartum Plan      

Ideally for Pregnant Mamas interested in Holistic Health, that value midwifery and want to have a team of postpartum specialists and practices ready to implement right after birth to fully heal and thrive postpartum

  • best to participate in the holistic postpartum planning circle between 4-8 months pregnant.
  • alright to participate as soon as possible within the first year postpartum.
  • healing to participate 2-5 years postpartum OR anytime postpartum

Yes, it's important to take childbirth education and newborn care classes, even though they may be hard to fit in when mamas are already so busy working and tending to health and life.

Still, equally important, is discovering how to create a plan that allows mama and the whole family to fully heal and thrive postpartum.

Women are exhausted after birth. Often sooner than ready, the mama is left alone to recover and heal postpartum. She’s expected to continue to care for business as usual in addition to a new child, while also recovering from the birth. Exhausted and overwhelmed, she may try to string together some support. But often that support is slim, or only caring for a few areas, where many are needing attention. What Mamas really need is to rest into a holistic team of postpartum support, allowing her to heal and thrive without scrambling to find the support she needs.

Mamas get instructions for caring for the baby
Mamas get instructions for basic care of birth wounds and when to resume activities
But mamas ARE NOT instructed how to fully heal from Birth.
How to fully recover so that she and family can THRIVE.

Many mamas are shocked by the challenges to fully recovering after birth when they are left alone to figure it out while exhausted and overwhelmed.
No one tells them about the Traditional Holistic Postpartum Medicine methods necessary to HEAL and THRIVE Postpartum.

To Feel good in her Body & Mind
Have energy, health, vitality, & strength
To feel cared for
And able to BOND with her baby and beloveds

It took me years to get what I needed to recover after giving birth. With NO guidance from health providers!...My body and mind were a wreck, and it was way too hard to try to figure out what I needed to recover while in the throws of emotions and physical pain. Slowly, I figured out how to get out of misery and desperation, physical pain, anxiety and ptsd spirals
... thanks to traditional holistic postpartum methods and medicine.

My heart now ACHES for new mothers all alone after giving birth. I wish for all new mothers to immediately have the tools and care they need to heal and thrive postpartum without scrambling to find the support.

Here’s the Postpartum Recovery Program Every Mother Needs to Heal & Thrive Postpartum

Essential Methods ALL Mamas need for Healing the Body and Mind After Birth.

Malika Rani will help you design and implement your Holistic Postpartum Plan

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