Healing Mama Trauma Immersion


This breakthrough ONLINE program is for women with a history of reproductive and birth trauma and loss, looking to take a big leap forward into their healing. It’s a 9-week virtual retreat that will help you nourish yourself and feel embraced in a whole new way for all of who you are: heart, mind, body, and spirit.

  • Somatic Practices for Calming the Nervous System
  • Education and Experiential Exercises for Healing Perinatal Trauma and Loss (aka Mama Trauma™)
  • Honoring Rituals - connecting deeply with yourself and all of life
  • 9 Week ONLINE Psychoeducational Resiliency Support Group

Register now for this specialized support program. This 9-session course, running from April 23 - June 25, 2020 is presented by Malika Rani, MA - counselor, advocate, expert and trainer in the field of Reproductive and Birth Psychology and Maternal Health. Join from the comfort of your own home or office, and build your network of support with other participants while you heal, grow, and become more alive and available for life through this course in Healing Mama Trauma.

Malika Rani, MA will provide the 9 Week Curriculum: Healing Mama Trauma™

April 23: Vulnerability
April 30: Trauma & Post-traumatic Stress
May 7: Resourcing & Self Care
May 14: Traumatic Grief
May 21: Shame
May 28: OFF
June 4: Social Expectations & Identity
June 11: My Story/Being Seen
June 18: Support
June 25: Hope & Wellbeing

WHEN: (9) Thursdays 2-4:30p  APRIL 23 - June 25


PRICE: $97 (crisis time deal - normal price $297)

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You deserve to receive the care and support you need to heal and thrive

Have you experienced one or multiple forms of trauma along your reproductive journey?
*fertility challenges, miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth, birth trauma+


Reproduction and birth experiences are formative for both babies and parents, and tend to establish patterns of intimacy and sociality for life. When women are faced with trauma and loss at any stages of the reproductive journey, they NEED CARE AND SUPPORT to heal and to become resourced and available for LIFE - including parenting, relationships, and work.

Healing Reproductive Grief and Shame

darkest corner of the dark moon
journey Into the dark night of the soul
going places no one wants to go
together as sisters
a way of healing is possible
arising with luminosity
not contrived
true deep transformative healing

~Malika Rani

Adverse reproductive events are regularly experienced by women. The goals of the psychoeducational resiliency support group include restoring one's sense of safety, self-esteem, and confidence in recovery.

Malika Rani advocates for comprehensive care to support the resiliency of women with reproductive and birth related post-traumatic stress and the healthy development of babies and families.