Healing Mama Trauma

When the birth experience goes unexpectedly or even freakishly, women too often are left alone to deal with their trauma
Birth trauma happens alot
Miscarriage is missed completely
And Stillbirth, no one dares speak about

Mamas need even more care and support after uniquely intense Mama Trauma experiences

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ONLINE Healing Mama Meetups
Weekly Open Drop-In covering unique Healing Mama Trauma themes

Catch Me! How to Heal and Thrive after Birth Trauma
A "Catch Me!" 3 Session Course for ALL mamas healing from a challenging birth experience



Discover how to successfully RISE above the adverse reproductive events that women too regularly face

The Healing Mama Trauma curriculum (a psychoeducational resiliency support program) restores one's sense of safety, self-esteem, and confidence in recovery...to Fully Heal and Thrive Postpartum.

I was left without the care and support I needed with empty arms healing alone from a dynamically traumatic birth experience. It took me too long to figure out how to find help. Women need immediate postpartum support to heal and thrive. But anytime along the postpartum journey, Healing Mama Trauma Meetups can support holistic mamas to fully HEAL and thrive after birth trauma.

with care,

Malika Rani, MA

Malika advocates for comprehensive care to support the resiliency of women with reproductive and birth related post-traumatic stress for the healthy development of babies and families.

You deserve to receive the care and support you need to heal and thrive

Have you experienced one or multiple forms of trauma along your reproductive journey?
*fertility challenges, miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth, birth trauma+


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