Postpartum Spa Packages

mama needs and deserves sacred postpartum tending in order to fully recover and restore after birth

Traditional Postpartum Healing Sessions
include birth story honouring, hamam (bath & scrub), womb steam & closing the bones ceremony with belly binding


The word hamam means “the spreader of warmth” in Arabic. Essentially a hamam is getting scrubbed down/cleansed in a very warm room. A hamam is a place to purify the body and soul. Around 600 AD, hamams also became places where major life events were celebrated and bathing rituals incorporated into weddings and births. The postpartum bath (scrub/massage) stimulates blood flow which then cleans, renews, moves fluids and hormones, stimulates the immune system, and helps tone muscles and tissues.

Womb Steam

Womb or Yoni steaming is a time-honoured holistic remedy ritual that nourishes and restores balance in the vagina, vulva, womb, and entire pelvic region. The practice involves sitting over a pot of herbal infused steam, and allowing the volatile oils and warmth to permeate the perineum, bringing warmth, stimulation and a sense of deep unwind to this tender part of a woman’s body. Steaming offers women a way to reconnect the body with the wisdom of subtle plant medicine to heal, clear the womb and sexual organs on a physical and energetic level.

Closing Ceremony

Closing the Bones is a postnatal ritual to support a woman's recovery after childbirth and closes the circle of pregnancy and birth. It is a gentle and nurturing massage with a shawl or scarf that helps her organs and widened bones move back into alignment. Showing tenderness and gratitude to her body creates a moment of stillness, peace and reflection. The ceremony can be alone or a celebration with a group of womxn family and friends. A Closing the Bones session leaves her ‘sealed’, safe, nurtured and cared for by sisters.

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Belly Binding

Belly Binding* supports the postpartum body to heal properly as it continues to shift and change after giving birth. It involves wrapping a cloth snug around her abdomen and helps support her body as the muscles and organs move back to their original position. It offers gentle compression that holds muscle and ligaments safely in place as her body heals. Her abdomen, hips and pelvic floor are supported through Belly Binding. In the case of cesarean delivery, belly binding can be useful to help ensure that the incision heals properly.

Birth Story Honouring

All sessions begin and/or end with care for the Birth Story. Honouring the birth story is of great importance for both mama and baby's healthy development and bonding. Bringing light to the whole birth experience through understanding and self-compassion can restore lasting peace of mind.

Postpartum Massage

Add Massage to your Postpartum Healing Session. Relax with warm oils and soothing touch to prepare your body to fully receive and integrate your postpartum spa experience.

Moroccan Postpartum Spa Package

Traditional Postpartum Healing Sessions 
each include:
-- birth story care
-- hamam
-- womb steam
-- closing of bones
-- belly binding
-- tea and treats


-- oil massage
-- a postpartum planning session
-- 40 day blessing and celebration



Malika will work with you to develop a uniquely nourishing postpartum package.

Baby Blessing

Add a 40 Day Baby Blessing to your Postpartum Spa Package

Conscious Parenting

Add Skill Building in new born care and attuned caregiving

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Moroccan Hamam

Sessions may be highly beneficial after all forms of birth: live births and bereaved mamas.

Mama must be cleared by a licensed health professional ensuring these services are safe for her postpartum condition

*belly binding is not advised with existing prolapse
*if cesarean birth, then wait at least 4-6 weeks before the hamam AND 8-12 weeks for the closing - until fully healed from the inside

Postpartum Midwifery services are not intended as medical treatments